Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Digital Storytelling

Well, this is embarrassing.  I had this post up a week ago (I thought I did) but I guess I never hit publish post because when I went back in today to check about class, this post was still in edit draft form.  Oops, sorry everyone.  I guess I am still very much a newbie when it comes to Blogger.  Well here it is, LATE, and I will see all of you in about a week.
I have always been a person that is always looking for new ways to tell stories.  I have to say that there is so much here I could look at and study that would peak my interest but as all of you can tell from the time I put this up, I simply do not have enough time to read all that I would like.  Well, I have searched through those articles I like the best and have come up with two that I like the most.  If it sounds like I am saying the same thing for both articles it is because they relate in a way that I think is important.  

1. Thesen, Ashley, and Julia Kara-Soteriou. 2011. "Using digital storytelling to unlock student potential." New England Reading Association Journal 46, no. 2: 93-100. Education Research Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed September 21, 2011).

This article tells how digital storytelling is changing the way in which students tell stories.  Using second graders as "the storytellers" in the article, the authors show that having students add digital media to their stories not only peaks more interest in the students but also helps them to become better storytellers.  By learning new software as well, using digital media is teaching these young children how to not only tell interesting stories but also teach them technical skills that are required in our new digital age.

Even though I do feel that there is value in traditional storytelling (I particularly like sitting around listening to my parents and grandparents tell me of how they climbed up the peaks of the Kansas, yes Kansas mountains in order to go to school or how my grandfather had to eat lard during the depression in order to live).  We all know there are no mountains in Kansas and if my grandpa truly ate nothing but lard he would have killed himself but still these stories are something that I appreciate and find value in.

None the less, I like this article because it shows me that digital media in storytelling is something that can truly make competent storytellers using traditional methods into better storytellers using digital methods.

2. Ariffin Abdul Mutalib, Nurulnadwan Aziz, and Zatul Amilah Shaffiei. 2011. Digital storytelling makes reading fun and entertaining. International Journal of Computer Applications 18 (1).

This article I will not say much about because the conclusions are basically the same as the first one.

The major difference of this article from the first is how the authors used the children story of Tarzan in digital form to show how Digital Story Telling "invokes fun" for readers, especially younger readers.  The article used a very scientific approach when it came to proving its point of how Digital Story Telling (DST's) can arouse emotions and be quite entertaining and fun for readers.  With the reading experience more "fun," I believe the article is showing how we can make the learning experience that much easier for present and future generations.  

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  1. Oral storytelling was the way that people taught children the traditions of their clan. The ability to tell a story was something that was passed down. Making it digital might be one more way of passing down the tradition.